Upcoming Events
Members can register for these events by clicking on the underlined registration link for the event.

Spring Fellowship/Lodge Banquet
April 1 - 3, 2016
Camp Lazarus
Spring Fellowship Registration

Ordeal / Brotherhood
June 3 - 5, 2016
Camp Falling Rock
Falling Rock Ordeal Registration

Ordeal / Brotherhood
July 8 - 10, 2016
Camp Oyo
Camp Oyo Ordeal Registration

Ordeal / Brotherhood
August 12 - 14, 2016
Chief Logan Scout Reservation
Chief Logan Ordeal Registration

Ordeal / Brotherhood
September 9 - 11, 2016
Camp Lazarus
Camp Lazarus Ordeal Registration

Fall Fellowship
Annual Lodge Meeting
October 28 - 30, 2016
Camp Falling Rock
Fall Fellowship Registration

Pay Your Dues

Do you want an easier way to pay your dues?
Now you can do it all ON-LINE using the Council's registration and payment service.
To pay your Dues just click the button below, fill out the requested registrant and payment information and you're done. It's that easy!
Of course if you want to pay in person or by mail you can still do so by using the dues form found on the Forms page of this website.
When Do I Need To Pay My Dues
Your dues need to be paid at the beginning of each calendar year.

Newer Members -
If you took your Ordeal during the previous year (in 2015) your fees included your dues through the end of that calendar year.
You will next need to pay your dues at the beginning of the next year (in 2016).

The 2016 Lodge Plan Book is available by clicking the button below. This version will be updated as needed.

You can find past copies of our Newsletters on the "Newsletters" page of this website.
New Lodge Officers Elected

Congratulations go out to our newly elected officers for the 2016 Lodge year.

Lodge Chief   David Prentice
VC of Administration   Nick Hinkle
VC of Activities   Elijah Scott
VC of Chapters   Will Jones
Secretary   Logan Rector

They have been meeting to prepare for their upcoming year running the Lodge.
In doing this they are looking for youth members who want to help by taking charge of our one of our committees.  If you are currently fullfilling one of these duties and want to continue or if you want to start helping, contact your Lodge Chief.
They will need to fill the following committees so check with them to see what is available.

Food Services


Trading Post






Camping promottion

Quality Chapter:

We are very excited to announce the implementation of the new Quality Chapter program for 2016. We hope that the new program will help the chapters, and by extension the lodge, improve in many of the quality lodge requirements. These requirements are very difficult, so chapters who complete the requirements will be permitted to purchase an exclusive patch. Here are the criteria. In order to earn the award, a chapter must successfully complete at least 7 of the criteria.

1: Membership Impact: Experience positive growth in membership over the previous year.
Increase total chapter membership by 5% over the previous year.

2: Membership Retention: Experience positive growth in membership.
Have at least 70% of chapter members who took their Ordeal the previous year pay their current dues.

3: Unit Elections: Conduct unit elections in all troops within the district.
Complete unit elections in at least 90% of Troops and Teams, and turn in all results by March 15.

4: Ordeal Completion: Induct Ordeal candidates.
Have at least 75% of Ordeal candidates complete their Ordeal.

5: Brotherhood Completion: Convert eligible Ordeal candidates to Brotherhood.
Have at least 40% of eligible members complete their Brotherhood.

6: Service Projects: Complete service projects on scout property and in the community.
Hold at least one chapter service project (minimum of 50 total service hours) and turn in service hour tracking sheets to the lodge; or staff a district event with at least 10 chapter members and turn in service hour tracking sheets to the lodge.

7: Chapter Meetings: Conduct regular chapter meetings.
Hold at least 6 chapter meetings with no fewer than 5 youth members at each.

8: LEC Attendance and Reports: Have chapter represented at LEC meetings.
Have a youth representative present at all LEC meetings (one miss allowed). In addition, present an oral report and submit a written report at every LEC.  

9: T-speaks Articles: Inform OA members about your chapter.
Have an article in all issues of Tecumseh Speaks (one miss allowed).

10: Lodge Participation: Maintain a presence in the Lodge.
Have at least 15% of chapter members, including a minimum of 5 youth, attend either the Spring Fellowship or Fall Fellowship (attendance required is based on 15% of the total membership at the end of the previous year).

Spring Fellowship
Lodge Banquet
April 1 - 3, 2016 at Camp Lazarus

Become the game at Tecumseh Lodge’s 2016 Spring Fellowship. Show your skills on the race track in Cardboard Mario Kart, or sink battleships  (your  fellow  scout mates)  with  water  balloons.  Test your aim with life- size Angry Birds and fill your stomach in a game of Hungry Hungry Humans. Then have an after lunch workout with Pac Man Tag, no quarters needed! There’s a lot to enjoy at our weekend of “real virtuality”!
Mark your calendars! It’ll take place the first weekend in April, the 1st-3rd at Camp Lazarus. We ask you to pay $25 to cover camp fees and food. However, if you register before March 27th, we’ll give you a $5 discount, so you only pay $20! Sign up today!

Don't want to attend the whole weekend but still want to attend the Lodge Appreciation Banquet? The cost for the Saturday Evening Banquet is just $15.00, but if you pre-register before March 27th you will get the $5.00 discount making it just $10.00.

To pre-register just click the link under "Upcoming Events" on the left of this page.
It's Time To Pay Your
2016 Tecumseh Lodge Dues

To maintain your membership in the Order of The Arrow and Tecumseh Lodge you need to pay your dues each year. If you are not a dues paid member you lose the right to call yourself a member of the Order of the Arrow. If you are not a member of the OA you also lose the right to wear the Lodge Flap or other symbols or patches for the OA. You must be registered in a Simon Kenton Council Scouting unit to be a member of Tecumseh Lodge.

When Do I Need To Pay My Dues?
Our Lodge year is from January 1st to December 31st each year so your dues need to be paid at the beginning of each calendar year.

I'm a Newer Member - Weren't my dues included in my Ordeal fee?
If you took your Ordeal during the previous year (in 2015) your Ordeal fees included your dues through the end of the calendar year in which you took your Ordeal. You would next need to pay your dues at the beginning of the next calendar year (in 2016).

How Can I Pay My Dues?
You can pay your dues several ways:
By Mail - by using the dues form which can be found HERE.
On Line - Just click on the "Pay Your 2016 Dues" button on this page.
In Person - You can pay in person at any lodge event or at our lodge booth at the University of Scouting

I have not paid my dues for a long time, how can I become a member again?
If you have not paid dues for a while it's easier to join again than you think.
Just fill out the form as completely as possible, pay $20.00 and we will re-instate you.

I know someone who would like to transfer into Tecumseh Lodge from another lodge,
how can they do it?
All they need to do is fill out the dues form and send it in along with as much information about their previous membership as they can gather and we can transfer them into Tecumseh Lodge. We will contact their previous lodge to confirm their membership.
The cost is only $20.00. They must be registered with a unit in Simon Kenton Council to be a member of Tecumseh Lodge.
Have you paid your 2016 dues yet?
Section C-4B Conclave
May 13 - 15, 2016 at Camp Kootaga, Walker WV

The annual Order of the Arrow Section C-4B Conclave will take place Friday evening, May 13th through Sunday the 15th, at Camp Kootaga in Walker WV.
This is a gathering of Arrowmen from across Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia, and will be a fun time for all Arrowmen. The weekend will consist of ceremonies and dance competitions, vendor displays, and summer-camp style activities such as climbing, swimming and shooting. We will have training opportunities available such as how to get involved with OA High Adventure, and OA activities like regalia-making and drumming. There will also be great food and parties, with a crazy auction Saturday evening. Conclave will be a great time and will also give you a chance to meet other arrowmen from our area.
Keep watching for more details as they are available.