New Candidate Information

If you were elected into the Order of the Arrow by your Troop after November 1st, 2014 you will be eligible to take your Ordeal during the 2015 calendar year. You have two more opportunities to do so. You are eligible to take your Ordeal for one year from the date of your Unit elections. If you do not complete it within this time period you must be re-elected to be eligible again.

August 21 - 23, 2015 at Camp Falling Rock
September 11 - 13, 2015 at Camp Lazarus

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Upcoming Events
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Ordeal / Brotherhood
September 11 - 13, 2015
Camp Lazarus
Fall Fellowship
October 23 - 25, 2015
Camp Falling Rock
Ordeal / Brotherhood Weekend
September 11  13, 2015
Camp Lazarus

This will be the last Ordeal for 2015. If you know anyone who was elected this year ohw has not taken their Ordeal yet make sure they come to this one. If they do not taker their Ordeal now they will loose their eligilbility and they would need to be re-elected again to do it next year.

Come out and help us bring our new members into the Order of the Arrow and Tecumseh Lodge.
This will be a big weekend with plenty to do.
Help will be needed in every area of the Ordeal but mostly we will need Elangomats, Ritual and Kitchen help.
Come out if you can and pitch in.

This could also be a perfect weekend to seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow by completing your Brotherhood.
It's easy to do and there will be plenty of other members therer to help you.
If you took your Ordeal anytime before 2015 you are eligible and should do this.
November 6 - 8, 2015
Camp Lazarus
The Arrowman Service Award

The Arrowman Service Award is an OA patch you can wear on your sash.
2015 is the Order of the Arrow’s 100th anniversary, and every good centennial celebration needs a patch to match.  If you ask me, the OA really knocked its 100th anniversary patch out of the park. It’s the Arrowman Service Award, a patch youth and adult members of the Order of the Arrow can earn and wear on their
OA sash.
The goal is to encourage Arrowmen to recommit themselves to the OA, increase their level of service and participate in the OA’s wide-ranging centennial celebrations. Along with patches issued during the OA’s 50th and 60th anniversaries, this patch is one of just three patches the Order of the Arrow has authorized to be worn on the sash. Yes, on the sash itself. The award may be worn only on the traditional OA sash. You’ll want to sew it so its lower edge sits one-half inch above the upper Brotherhood bar. 
Speaking of, being a Brotherhood member or attaining Brotherhood membership in the OA is one of the primary requirements, though there is an exception for Arrowmen inducted as Ordeal members after Jan. 1, 2015. 
There’s no limit to the number of Arrowman Service Awards that can be given per lodge, provided the lodge’s advisor and staff advisor/Scout executive approve each candidate’s completed requirements.
Arrowmen can work on the requirements from July 16, 2014, until Dec. 31, 2015.
Pay Your Dues

Do you want an easier way to pay your dues?
Now you can do it all ON-LINE using the Council's registration and payment service.
To pay your Dues just click the button below, fill out the requested registrant and payment information and you're done. It's that easy!
Of course if you want to pay in person or by mail you can still do so by using the dues form found on the Forms page of this website.
When Do I Need To Pay My Dues
Your dues need to be paid at the beginning of each calendar year.

Newer Members -
If you took your Ordeal during the previous year (in 2014) your fees included your dues through the end of that calendar year. You will next need to pay your dues at the beginning of the next year (in 2015).

The Lodge Plan Book is available on the "Forms" page of this website.

To pay your dues look at the bottom of the "Upcoming Events" column on this page.

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Spring Fellowship/Lodge Banquet
April 1 - 3, 2016
Camp Lazarus
Ordeal / Brotherhood
June 3 - 5, 2016
Camp Falling Rock
Lodge Leadership Development
February 6, 2016
Camp Lazarus
Ordeal / Brotherhood
July 1 - 3, 2016
Camp Oyo
Ordeal / Brotherhood
August 12 - 14, 2016
Chief Logan Scout Reservation
Ordeal / Brotherhood
September 9 - 11, 2016
Camp Lazarus
Fall Fellowship
Annual Lodge Meeting
October 21 - 23, 2016
Camp Falling Rock