CHIEF TARHE - Chief Tarhe District - Bryon Lowry (Chief) Larry Reams (Adviser)
7:00 PM the second Tuesday of each month at the First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster Ohio.

KANIENGEHAGA - Licking District - Thomas Jones (Chief) Ryan Sparks (Adviser)
7:00 PM the first and third Thursday of each month at Christ United Methodist Church in Newark Ohio.

KATINONKWAT - Tri-Creek District - Nathan Larrick (Chief) Joe Shaluha (Adviser)
7:00 PM the first Tuesday of each month at Bishop Hartley High School,
1285 Zettler Road Columbus, Ohio.

MAKA-INA - Chief Logan District - Zachary Daft (Chief) Barb Wasmer (Adviser)
6:30 PM the first Tuesday of each month - Location varies - Contact your chapter chief or adviser

MALLSANNUK - Arrowhead District - Ryan Heighton (Chief) Steven Speicher (Adviser)
6:00 PM on the 4th Sunday of the month at Central College Presbyterian Church

MWK'ALAAKWA - Darby Creek District - Julian Killian (Chief) Stephen Russell (Adviser)
7:00 PM the first Thursday of each month at the Plain City Presbyterian Church, 231 East Main Street, Plain City, Ohio

NEWA HANNA - Delaware District - Jonathan White (Chief) Charles "Bill" Hammond (Adviser)
7:00 PM on the 1st Thursday each month at the LDS Church in Powell, 450 N Liberty, Powell, Ohio

SHAWNEE - Tecumseh District - Caleb Hammond (Chief) Jeff Frisby (Adviser)
Meets at Camp Oyo during the Tecumseh District roundtables.

TENDEUCHEN - Buckeye District - Noah Johnson (Chief) Kurt Tekaucic (Adviser)
7:30 PM the first Thursday of every month from 7:30-8:30 pm at the Northwest Christian Church,
1340 Fishinger Rd., Upper Arlington, Ohio

WESKI NIMAT - Ohio Valley District - Will Finley (Chief) Robert Fanska (Adviser)
7:00 PM on the 1st Thursday each month at the First Presbyterian Church, 4227 Broadway, Grove City

NOTE: you can visit the Chapter Website and e-mail the Chapter Chiefs or Advisers by clicking on their underlined names.

Quality Chapter:

We are very excited to announce the implementation of the new Quality Chapter program for 2016. We hope that the new program will help the chapters, and by extension the lodge, improve in many of the quality lodge requirements. These requirements are very difficult, so chapters who complete the requirements will be permitted to purchase an exclusive patch. Here are the criteria. In order to earn the award, a chapter must successfully complete at least 7 of the criteria.

1: Membership Impact: Experience positive growth in membership over the previous year.
Increase total chapter membership by 5% over the previous year.

2: Membership Retention: Experience positive growth in membership.
Have at least 70% of chapter members who took their Ordeal the previous year pay their current dues.

3: Unit Elections: Conduct unit elections in all troops within the district.
Complete unit elections in at least 90% of Troops and Teams, and turn in all results by March 15.

4: Ordeal Completion: Induct Ordeal candidates.
Have at least 75% of Ordeal candidates complete their Ordeal.

5: Brotherhood Completion: Convert eligible Ordeal candidates to Brotherhood.
Have at least 40% of eligible members complete their Brotherhood.

6: Service Projects: Complete service projects on scout property and in the community.
Hold at least one chapter service project (minimum of 50 total service hours) and turn in service hour tracking sheets to the lodge; or staff a district event with at least 10 chapter members and turn in service hour tracking sheets to the lodge.

7: Chapter Meetings: Conduct regular chapter meetings.
Hold at least 6 chapter meetings with no fewer than 5 youth members at each.

8: LEC Attendance and Reports: Have chapter represented at LEC meetings.
Have a youth representative present at all LEC meetings (one miss allowed). In addition, present an oral report and submit a written report at every LEC.  

9: T-speaks Articles: Inform OA members about your chapter.
Have an article in all issues of Tecumseh Speaks (one miss allowed).

10: Lodge Participation: Maintain a presence in the Lodge.
Have at least 15% of chapter members, including a minimum of 5 youth, attend either the Spring Fellowship or Fall Fellowship (attendance required is based on 15% of the total membership at the end of the previous year).