Lodge Advisers

Lodge Adviser
Aaron Wyckoff

Adviser to the V. C. of Administration
Joel Chow

Adviser to the V. C. of Activities
Ryan Sparks

Adviser to the V. C. of Chapters
Paul Post

Adviser to the Secretary
Kent Wright

Adviser to the Treasurer
Jim Prentice

Membership Records / Webmaster
Richard Lohnes

Professional Adviser
Rich Braessler

Lodge Officers

Lodge Chief
Elijah Scott

Vice-Chief of Administration
Nick Hubble

Vice-Chief of Activities
Reece Sparks

Vice-Chief of Chapters
Dan Iwamoto

John Messer

Walter Cuddington

Tecumseh Lodge, Order of the Arrow
Simon Kenton Council, BSA
807 Kinnear Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43212
(800) 433-4051   (614) 436-7200
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