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Camp Lazarus Ordeal

Our first Ordeal is approaching FAST!!!!!!!

May 31 – June 2nd at Camp Lazarus.

We are expecting this to have a very large turnout of Candidates, so do this right we will need as much help as we can get.
Come out and help anywhere you can – Elangomats, Kitchen workers, Ritual, building Candidate packets, everything.
We will need help everywhere.
The cost for members to attend these events is $25.00, however if you pre-register at least 5 days before the event you will receive a $5.00 discount making it just $20.00.
For our Ordeal members, while you’re there consider sealing your membership in the Order of the Arrow by completing your Brotherhood. It’s easy to do and there will be plenty of others there to help you through it – nobody fails. The cost to do your Brotherhood is just an additional $25.00 to cover the cost of your new Brotherhood sash and totem (Remember, if you’re taking your Brotherhood, bring your tent)

Ordeal Season is Fast Approaching

As we approach the summer months we need to be planning for our Ordeal / Brotherhood events.
These events take a lot of help to make them successful for our new incoming Ordeal members as well as for those working to complete their Brotherhood.
We will hold three Ordeal weekends this year, however they will not be in the usual order as in years past.

The first Ordeal will be held May 31 – June 2 at Camp Lazarus.

The second Ordeal will be held August 16 – 18 at Camp Oyo.
The final Ordeal will be held September 20 – 22 at Camp Falling Rock.
The cost for members to attend these events is $25.00, however if you pre-register at least 5 days before the event you will receive a $5.00 discount making it just $20.00.
New Candidates wishing to take their Ordeal and join the Order of the Arrow can do so for just $50.00.
Those wishing to seal their membership in the Order by completing their Brotherhood can do so for just an additional $25.00.

To register for any of these events just click the appropriate button below. 

Have You Taken Your Brotherhood?

If you took your Ordeal any time prior to this year and you have not yet sealed your membership in the OA by taking your Brotherhood, what’s stopping you? It really not very hard and I can promise you that nobody fails.
All we ask is that you learn a few things and demonstrate them to us. Then you can go through your Brotherhood ceremony and show your commitment to Scouting and the Order of the Arrow. This can be done at any of our Ordeal weekends and the cost is just an additional $25.00 added to the regular cost of the weekend.
For this you will receive a new Brotherhood sash and you will have the opportunity to make a personalized Brotherhood totem.

New this year, if you are taking your Brotherhood you will need to bring your tent.

E 13 Logo

Start making your plans NOW!

The weekend of May 16 – 18, 2025 we will be hosting the Section E-13 Conclave at Camp Falling Rock

We want this to be best Conclave in years and we want you to be there with us.
To prepare for this event, we will hold work days at the camp to get it ready for our guests.
We will need a lot of help in the following areas:
The Kitchen and Dining Hall
Cleaning duties
Guiding our guests to their campsites
Helping staff activities for the event
Trading post
Tear-down after the Conclave

So save the dates and make plans now to attend this great event.


Lodge Calendar

(Please note, the dates and locations for the 2024 Ordeals has changed)


January 25   Lodge Leadership Development – Council Office
January 25   Lodge Banquet – Council Office
April 11 – 15   Spring Fellowship – Camp Lazarus
April 25 – 27   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Falling Rock
May 16 – 18   Section E13 Conclave – Camp Falling Rock
August 8 – 10   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Oyo
September 5 – 7   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Lazarus
October 3 – 5  Fall Fellowship – Camp Falling Rock

2024 Officers and advisers

Lodge Chief

Reid Miller

VC of administration

Bryson Tillman

VC of activities

Garrett Emond

VC of chapters

Charlie McNerlin

Lodge secretary

Phil Cox

Lodge Treasurer

Connor Brown

Lodge Adviser

Jon Santini Jr

VC Admin adviser

VC activities adviser

VC chapters adviser

secretary adviser

treasurer adviser

Membership Records

Professional Adviser



“Northern Lights”
Polaris (North) District
Kìshahtèk meets at 2:00 PM on the first
Sunday of each month at Camp Lazarus

Kal Kozlik, Chief
John Trouten, Adviser

Kittan Wewoapisak

“Great River Watchmen”
Frontier (South) District
Kittan Wewoapisak will meet at various times and locations. Contact the Chapter Adviser for the next time and location.

Madi Wasmer, Chief
Barb Wasmer, Adviser

Kittan Wewoapisak


“People Among The Rocks”
Daybreak (East) District
will meet at various times and locations. Contact the Chapter Adviser for the next time and location.

Hector Gonzalez, Chief
Andrea Gonzalez, Adviser

Pilsit Alunsa

“Pure Arrows”
Gateway (West) District
Pilsit Alunsa meets at 7:00 PM on the first
Thursday of each month at 3500 Main St, Hilliard, OH

Andrew Diemand, Chief
James Finley, Adviser

Information For Candidates

So, you were elected by your Unit to join the Order of the Arrow.
What does this mean?
Should I join the Order of the Arrow?
What’s in it for me?
Here are a few links with information that might help explain it better.
Note: You cannot take your Ordeal and join the Order of the Arrow unless you were elected by your unit to do so in 2023 or 2024.

About Your Lodge Dues

To maintain your membership in the Order of The Arrow and Tecumseh Lodge you need to pay your dues each year. If you are not a dues paid member you lose the right to call yourself a member of the Order of the Arrow. If you are not a member of the OA you also lose the right to wear the Lodge Flap or other symbols or patches for the OA. You must be registered in a Simon Kenton Council Scouting unit to be a member of Tecumseh Lodge.
When Do I Need To Pay My Dues?
Our Lodge year is from January 1st to December 31st, so your dues need to be paid at the beginning of each calendar year.
I’m a Newer Member – Weren’t my dues included in my Ordeal fee?
If you took your Ordeal during the current year, your Ordeal fees included your dues through the end of the calendar year in which you took your Ordeal. You would next need to pay your dues at the beginning of the next calendar year.
How Can I Pay My Dues?
You can pay your dues several ways:
By Mail – by using the dues form which can be found HERE
On Line – Click on this link to pay your dues online (https://scoutingevent.com/441-76671)
In Person – You can pay in person at any lodge event or at our lodge booth at the University of Scouting
I have not paid my dues for a long time, how can I become a member again?
If you have not paid dues for a while, it’s easier to join again than you think. Just fill out the form as completely as possible, pay $25.00 and we will re-instate you.


I want to transfer into Tecumseh Lodge from another Lodge
OA members transferring into Simon Kenton Council from another Council may do so by sending proof of current dues paid in the other Lodge and their Scout ID# to transfer into Tecumseh Lodge.
OA members transferring into Simon Kenton Council from another Council with their OA dues not being current may do so by sending proof of membership in the other Lodge and their Scout ID# to transfer into Tecumseh Lodge.
(Either of these can be done using any of the above mentioned methods)
Note: You can only be a member of the Lodge representing the Council where your primary Scouting membership is registered.

Lodge Information Book

The 2023 Lodge Information Book
is available by clicking the link below.
This is a PDF version which you can just reference on-line, or download to your computer, tablet or phone so you always have it with you.
This version will be updated as needed.
2023 Lodge Book

Unit Election Information And Forms for Chapter Use

These forms are for the use of Chapters while conducting Unit Elections. They are to be submitted as stated on the form. They are not intended for use by the unit or others. If you need an election to be completed in your unit, contact your Chapter, our Vice Chief of Chapters  or our Chapters Adviser. Their contact information can be found elsewhere on this page.
Election Information
Unit Excellence Award
Unit Election Report
Adult Nomination Form

Where To Go Camping

Every 3 years, Tecumseh Lodge produces a Where To Go Camping Book which is available for our Scouting units to use as a resource in their program planning. The latest version is available by clicking on the link below. We would like to thank Cole Niemantsverdriet and John Birle for their work in completing this project.
Where To Go Camping