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Search for OA Dorado

Spring Fellowship

April 14 – 16
Camp Falling Rock

Join us this April in the hunt for the city of gold! This fellowship will have everything you need to get ready for a great adventure. The climbing tower will be open for climbing AND rappelling. There will be possibly the GREATEST scavenger hunt of all time. There will be card games like you’ve NEVER seen. You WILL need extra socks because yours WILL be knocked off. Come on down to Camp Falling Rock on April 14 – April 16 to see what we have in store in the search for OA Dorado!

Noah Johnson
VC of Activities

Section E13 Conclave

May 19 – 21, 2023
Beaumont Scout Reservation


The Section E13 Conclave is coming soon.
What’s it all about?
It’s a Dazzling Mystery!

Ordeal / Brotherhood

May 5 – 7, 2023
Camp Falling Rock
To start our Ordeal season off we are going to Camp Falling Rock May 5th – 7th.
Jon is working hard to make sure we have people to fill in as Elangomats and for Ritual team, but we cannot do this alone, so we need your help to make sure this event goes off without a hitch.
After all of the hard work and ceremonies on Saturday, we will be having fellowship time in the evening. Then on Sunday, we will need your help to clean up the camp.
We hope to see each and everyone one of you.

Tecumseh Lodge 2023 Panther Pass

The Panther Pass is now available!
2023 Pre-Pay for all the 2023 Tecumseh Lodge events held between April 1st and October 30th, 2023, and we will include your 2023 dues for free. The cost for all this is just $100.00. (If you have already paid your 2023 dues the cost is only $80.00)
This includes two Fellowships and Three Ordeals.
Please note: This does not include the Lodge Banquet, Vigil Honor events, Conclave, NOAC or FORUM.
If you want to take your Brotherhood at any of these events just let us know at check-in and we can handle it. (There will be an additional fee of $25.00 for that event).
Please go online and register for each event you will be attending during the week prior to the event. This helps us determine how much food we need for the events.

Tecumseh Lodge is Going to the Summit!
June 9 th – June 15 th 2023
The New River Experience Overview
This is a 50-mile paddle trek on the New River. You will navigate the upper portion of the river in inflatable kayaks (one or two-man) called “duckies”. This portion of the river includes Class I to III rapids. The final whitewater day in the Lower Canyon is a rafting experience and includes Class III to IV rapids. Crews camp along the river through the New River Gorge. A gear boat (raft) accompanies the group to transport gear and food.
The New River cuts deep into the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Its long history spans the hunting and foraging of Native Americans, the fur trapping of early frontiersman, and the raw strength and determination of the coal miners who sought to tame its rugged beauty. More recently, outdoor enthusiasts have flocked to the New River to enjoy a myriad of outdoor adventures and admire the natural beauty of the New River Gorge. The New River Gorge boasts outstanding whitewater rapids (Class I to IV), extensive world-class climbing opportunities, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and more.
But it is more than just an adventure destination; it is an important ecosystem that contains diverse wildlife habitats, continuous forest systems, and diverse plant life. Visitors experience nature up close.
The New River Gorge is culturally significant as a reminder of our national Coal Heritage. At one time, the Gorge was dotted with small coal camps and towns. Visit their remnants today and come to understand the strength and character of the men and women whose hard work and determination helped shape our country.
We invite you to come enjoy a river voyage through the historically, culturally, ecologically significant New River Gorge. Paddle, camp, fish, and enjoy all that it has to offer individuals willing to match their mettle against one of the world’s rugged natural wonders.
Spots on the Trek are Limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis. Contact Rob Fanska (rob_fanska@hotmail.com/850-529-6724) to reserve your spot today. The estimated cost for this adventure is $1000 which will include travel, Trek fees and shirts.


Registered Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers who are at least 14 years old; and their registered leaders.
Skill Level
Participants must successfully complete the BSA Swimmer test. We recommend that participants have completed the Kayaking Merit Badge or have equivalent knowledge and skill.
The following forms are required for participation: BSA Annual Health & Medical Record (Parts A-D), Summit Waiver, Whitewater Waiver.


Please note – there have been changes to this calendar
April 14 – 16   Spring Fellowship – Camp Falling Rock
May 5 – 7   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Falling Rock
May 19 – 21   Conclave – Beaumont Scout Reservation
August 18 – 20   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Oyo
September 8 – 10   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Lazarus
October 6 – 8   Fall Fellowship – Camp Falling Rock
For further information about  these events, or to register, click on the name of the event.


January 27   Lodge Leadership Development – Council Office
January 27   Lodge Banquet – Council Office
April 12 – 14   Spring Fellowship – Camp Lazarus
May 31 – June 1   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Falling Rock
July 29 – August 3   N O A C – University of Colorado, Bolder Colorado
August 16 – 18   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Oyo
September 13 – 15   Ordeal / Brotherhood – Camp Lazarus
October 4 – 6  Fall Fellowship – Camp Falling Rock
November 1 – 3   FORUM – Camp Lazarus

Officers and advisers

Lodge Chief

Tyler McArthur

VC of administration

Jon Santini III

VC of activities

Noah Johnson

VC of chapters

Reid Miller

Lodge secretary

Bryson Tillman

Lodge Treasurer

Baden Wagoner

Lodge Adviser

VC Admin adviser

VC activities adviser

VC chapters adviser

secretary adviser

treasurer advisers

Membership Records

Professional Adviser



“Northern Lights”
Polaris (North) District
Kìshahtèk meets at 2:00 PM on the first
Sunday of each month at Camp Lazarus

Matthew Evans, Chief
John Trouten, Adviser

Kittan Wewoapisak

“Great River Watchmen”
Frontier (South) District
Kittan Wewoapisak will meet at various times and locations. Contact the Chapter Adviser for the next time and location.

Jonathan Dean, Chief
Barb Wasmer, Adviser


“People Among The Rocks”
Daybreak (East) District
will meet at various times and locations. Contact the Chapter Adviser for the next time and location.

Isabelle Stowe, Chief
Mat Stickles, Adviser

Pilsit Alunsa

“Pure Arrows”
Gateway (West) District
Pilsit Alunsa meets at 7:00 PM on the first
Thursday of each month at 3500 Main St, Hilliard, OH

Charlie McNerlin, Chief
James Finley, Adviser

Information For Candidates

So, you were elected by your Unit to join the Order of the Arrow.
What does this mean?
Should I join the Order of the Arrow?
What’s in it for me?
Here are a few links with information that might help explain it better.

Lodge Information Book

The 2022 Lodge Information Book
is available by clicking the link below.
This is a PDF version which you can just reference on-line, or download to your computer, tablet or phone so you always have it with you.
This version will be updated as needed.
2022 Lodge Book

Unit Election Information And Forms for Chapter Use

These forms are for the use of Chapters while conducting Unit Elections. They are to be submitted as stated on the form. They are not intended for use by the unit or others. If you need an election to be completed in your unit, contact your Chapter, our Vice Chief of Chapters  or our Chapters Adviser. Their contact information can be found elsewhere on this page.
Election Information
Unit Excellence Award
Unit Election Report
Adult Nomination Form

Where To Go Camping

Every 3 years, Tecumseh Lodge produces a Where To Go Camping Book which is available for our Scouting units to use as a resource in their program planning. The latest version is available by clicking on the link below. We would like to thank Cole Niemantsverdriet and John Birle for their work in completing this project.
Where To Go Camping


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